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can’t wait to see who’s next!!


can’t wait to see who’s next!!


Femmes crushing on femmes. Femmes flirting with femmes. Femmes protecting femmes. Femmes falling for femmes. Femmes fucking femmes. Femmes practicing femme skills to get the attention of femmes. Femmes complimenting femmes. Femmes being friends. Femmes standing up for femmes. Femmes valuing femmes.

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What are your thoughts about the possible monetarization of Fan Fiction? There might soon be a platform that pays Fan Fiction writers, but also binds them by contract. Bob Chipman said that the writers might get fucked over by a company. WDYT?

That’s a difficult subject, but I try my best to give you my thoughts.

At first it sounds like a great idea. Writing FFs is a very big hobby for many people and to turn that into solid money would be awesome. If the people are contracted, it would also mean that the lengths and the quality of the FFs would have a certain standard.

On the other hand is there the risc of being screwed over as Bob Chipman said (I don’t know the guy, but he’s right). Plus how would the copyright issue be solved? FanFiction exists in a legal grey area. As long as we do not earn (professionally) money we can use the characters and stories of others but as soon as we earn money we could face legal issues.

And to be honest I don’t know if people would be willing to actually buy FanFiction. I certainly would be very reluctant to do so. If it was original work that would be a completly different thing, but fanfiction?

As an aspiring writer myself I wouldn’t be too fond of the idea that people make money off of characters and storylines I thought of.


Happy 75th Birthday Batman! And a reminder from Cillian of just how different it might have been. :)

"Absurdly, I tried out for Batman. Nolan said ‘You’re not quite right,’ and I was like ‘I know I’m not!’"

He did get to try the batman suit on, though. “I think it was Val Kilmer’s one.” How was it? “A bit big for me.”

“Oy, Potter!”

“What now?” he muttered wearily, turning to face Angelina Johnson, who looked as though she was in a towering temper.

“I’ll tell you what now,” she said, marching straight up to him and poking him hard in the chest with her finger. “How come you’ve landed yourself in detention for five o’clock on Friday?”

“What?” said Harry. “Why… oh yeah, Keeper tryouts!”

Now he remembers!” snarled Angelina. “Didn’t I tell you I wanted to do a tryout with the whole team, and find someone who fitted in with everyone! Didn’t I tell you I’d booked the Quidditch pitch specially? And now you’ve decided you’re not going to be there!”

“I didn’t decide not to be there!” said Harry, stun g by the injustice of these words. “I got detention from that Umbridge woman, just because I told her the truth about You-Know-Who.”

“Well, you can just go straight to her and ask her to let you off on Friday,” said Angelina fiercely, “and I don’t care how you do it. Tell her You-Know-Who’s a figment of your imagination if you like, just make sure you’re there!”

She turned on her heel and stormed away.

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girls being kept out of the sciences and pushed into the humanities; the humanities being valued less in our society than the sciences; and the humanities and sciences being looked at as stark opposites that couldn’t possibly be enjoyed for the same reasons are all problems that need to in some degree be tackled together 

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i love animal motifs

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All scan pages of Hyrule Warriors!




I hope we see more North American merchandise in the future.

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I hope we see more North American merchandise in the future.

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